the chakras

chakras can best be described as wheels of energy,they are found all over the auric field of the body with 7 major chakras running along the spine.when these chakras are not functioning at their full potential,they can sometimes allow sickness to enter our bodies,they can also effect our energy on all levels,mental,emotional and order for us to maintain a balanced life style,we must maintain the upkeep of these chakras,this can be done through diet and exercise or through energy work to give the chakras a "tune up",or through color therapy,as each chakra vibrates at a level associated with a particular color.through focusing on a particular chakras color and projecting that color into the chakras,it is possible to speed up the chakras that have become slow and distorted.



here i shall describe the 7 major chakras and their colors; always remember when opening each chakra to  work with its energy,we always start at the base of the spine and work our way up,systematically raising our vibrational levels with each chakra.this is what is meant by "tuning up" .then when we are finished our tune up process,we close our chakras starting at the crown of our heads (where we should have finished when we did our "tune up"). and we will finish at the base of our spine (where we started our "tune up"). this is called "tuning down" the chakras.remember though,when we close our chakras,their not literally closed their just operating on a lower frequecy vibrational level. 



1. THE ROOT CHAKRA   (MULADHARA)-base of spine,color red.rules survival,security,safety  2.THE SACRAL CHAKRA (SWADHASTILANA)-  two inches below the navel,color orange.rulesneeds. sexuality,desire.

3. THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (MANIPURA)- mid chest area,color golden yellow.rules power,driving force,ambition.

4. THE HEART CHAKRA (ANAHATA)- heart region,color green.rules love,passion,commitement.

5. THE THROAT CHAKRA (VISHUDDAHA)- the throat area,color blue.rules communication and the ability to speak ones truths.

6. THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA (AJNA)- the middle of the forehead;between the eyes,where your third eye is located,color indigo.rules intuition,psychic ability,wisdom.

7. THE CROWN CHAKRA (SAHASRARA)- right above the head (where a kings crown would rest),color white.this is the seat of the divine,our very own connection between matters of the physical with that of the God-force,rules our higher selves,creativity,spiritual growth.